Sunday, October 14, 2012

I will call him Dougie

this is not my photo -- just a random clip from Google images...

Boy went to buy another lawnmower from a local auction house.  Turns out that it there was a pony auction before the lawnmowers went up on the block.  Boy was very taken with the ponies.  Some were only going for "tens of dollars."

Boy came home with a push lawnmower with deluxe wheels, but no pony.  (Thank heavens!) But he is convinced it would be a great pet.

This is how he tried to convince me:

Boy:  Mom, you wouldn't have believed how cute these ponies were.
Me:  uh huh
Boy:  ...and small, they were really small.
Me:  uh huh
Boy:  small like a dog.  We should get one.
Me:  silent. I give him the look that clearly says "over my dead body."  He does not get the message -- I'll have to work on my "look."
Boy:  It would be so great.  It could pull a cart.  It could pull the cart with my lawnmower in it, so we wouldn't waste so much gas.
Me:  Where would we keep a pony?
Boy:  With Smoke.  Or we could build a wee tiny pen in the shed.  Or Girl's little house.  It could even come in our house sometimes 'cause it'd be small enough. And if you had to take it to the vet, the vet wouldn't have to make a house call, we could just load it in the back of the jeep and take it to town. That would save a lot of money, wouldn't it?  That's a good idea.
Me:  again with the look.
Boy:  If I got a miniature pony I'd call it Douglas.  Dougie for short.  I would love him and squeeze him and call him my friend.
Me:  Really, Dougie is a good horse name is it?
Boy:  Also, Dougie could be chick magnet. Girls love horses.
Me:  ...and just how is that going to go.  Are you going to say, "hey pretty girl, want to see my leetle horsey?"
Boy:  Boy leaves the room --he's got nothing.

Mom -- score 1.