Wednesday, January 11, 2012

holiday, what holiday?

I have been back to work from Christmas break for 3 days.  The glorious, rosy calmness of the holiday is so far behind me I can't get a glimpse of that sense of peace for nothin'.

I had a glorious, rosy sense of calmness because I did not open my briefcase once, nor open my school email during the entire 2 week holiday.  I also slept in past 8:30 or 9am every day.

Soooo, come Monday morning at 6:15 my rosy, calm body revolted at the sound of the alarm.  I have been trying ever sense to "catch up."  So now I am grumpy and the knots in my shoulders are reaching my ears.

The terrible thing about holidays is that they end.  It is Wednesday at 9:30pm and except for the hour and a half I took for supper and clean up, I have been working at the computer at the paperwork that has waited patiently for me since December 23rd.

Ba humbug!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

conversation with Boy

I've already posted today -- but somethings I have to write down immediately or my middle-aged brain will forget what I was going to say.

Conversation with Boy as we cleaned the supper dishes (the dish part is irrelevant, but I need to write down that he helped with that so I can remember in the future that such co operative clean ups have happened.)

Boy:  I gotta get me a barber.
Me:  mmhmm
Boy:  Are there any barbers around here?
Me:  I don't know.  What's wrong with the hair dresser?
Boy:  Ah.  Hairdressers don't shave your 'stach and beard.  A good old fashioned barber does that.
Me:  (stunned)  And this is a current problem for you??
Pause in conversation.
Boy:  Have you ever seen anyone club a baby seal?
Me:  No.  On TV maybe.
Boy:  Are you against clubbing baby seals?
Me:  YES!
Boy:  Even though that is someone's livelihood?
Me:  I'm not against making a living, I'm against the clubbing thing.
Boy:  So you are against bonking it on the head.
Me:  Yes.
Boy:  If you are against that, what are you FOR?
Me:  I'm for round bales and air conditioning.
Pause again.
Boy:  Where did that come from?
Me:  Where did this conversation come from?
Boy:  Good point.
End of conversation.


So I have a swanky cocktail gala to go to next weekend.  I know, people who use words like "swanky" have no business going to any sort of gala, swanky or not.  I got the tickets for free, and I am obligated to go as the school will be getting a grant for our playground at this gala.  The difficulty was, of course, what to wear.

I had a great plan.  I have a beautiful longish black skirt that I would wear, and a friend was going to loan me a lacy top, or a beaded sweater to wear with it.  Then I googled for pictures of last year's gala.  Guess what?  The ladies all wore gowns; satin, and beaded and bedazzled to the nines.  My sweater and skirt plan was not going to cut it.

So,  I had DH drive me to a dress shop where I figured they would have something that was a)fancy, b)affordable and c)would fit the after-Christmas me.  He parked out front and set the seat back for a nap.  Said, "take your time, I'll just rest here."

So the amazing part?  I found the dress, tried it on, paid for it and was back in the jeep in 8 minutes.  Aaamaazing (say it long, like Oprah does).  And I LOVE, love, love it.  I may only wear it to this one swanky event, but I feel beautiful just knowing it is in my closet.  It's black so I don't have to buy new shoes.   Perfect,  really.

This is it.  Simple.  Not blingy.  Classic, in a Jackie O. way.

Joseph Ribkoff dress style 12573

it was on SALE!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Been on hiatus for a couple of weeks.  The Christmas break has really felt like a break.  Here's a list of what I've been up to.  Some I might explain, some I will leave you to guess.

  • house-cleaned the kitchen cupboards
  • tackled the pile of papers on my desk
  • kicked a** at Just Dance 3 (California Girls)
  • watched hockey
  • cringed at hockey
  • got some jewellry
  • cooked -- alot
  • ate too much fudge
  • did laundry
  • then did some more laundry
  • ate too much fudge again -- why, why am I so weak?
  • today I will do more laundry
  • towed Boy and his lawnmower back to the shop (yes, there is 6 inches of snow and no, there is no grass showing)
  • got some sad news
  • am hopeful that the sad news will be okay in the end
  • prayed alot
  • cleaned out my inboxes (the virtual and the real)

So what's up now?
Now I am on a cleanse.  Dr. C, my naturopath, recognized my holiday funk (one really can only eat so much fudge before it shows up places it shouldn't -- like my kidneys).  So now I get to go three weeks without the following:  wheat (already doing that so no biggie), alcohol (again no biggie), caffeine (also, doin' that already),  dairy (yikes!), red meat (ai yai ai), and heaven forbid -- sugar.  
I do have to eat lots of beets (more on that in a moment), parsley and nettle tea.  I think nettles are prickly things but they taste okay in tea.  I also have to drink 1 L of water with some special drops in it over the course of a day; 1 L of herbal tea and 2 cups of nettle tea.  I'm floatin', floatin' away...
I am 3 days in and so far, so good.  The fudge is all gone, so I'm no longer tempted.  I'll let you know how I fair.  
I have discovered that I like beets.  Like them alot.  I thought I hated them.  Can't figure out why I've avoided them all my life.  It's like a new culinary door has opened.  I will put my newest beet recipe up on the recipe section.  

In the meantime, Oprah, my lifeclass teacher, posted this.  It is one "resolution" per week for the year.  They are easy.  Think I might do them out of order and jump right to doing something about the bat wings!

Happy 2012 friends!