Favourite Things

New favourite thing ---

This cereal made by HapiFoods of British Columbia is amazing.  The other brand that is also good is called, get this, "Holy Crap" cereal.  The cereals are a blend of seeds n' stuff.  The Holy Crap kind has dried fruit added.

Skinny B contains chia, organic hulled hemp hearts and organic buckwheat. It is also free-from all kinds of stuff -- it is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, salt free, wheat free and nut free.

I add 1 tablespoon to my smoothie (see recipe) or sometimes just add 1 tbsp to some yogurt or apple sauce.

Check it out here:

October 2, 2010

My label maker.
I love my Brother P-touch. 

Have you seen my cupboards?  Have you seen my spices?
I love my label-maker.

August 16, 2010

My new favourite ice cream. 
I know you are looking at it and saying "I thought you couldn't have gluten (the brownie) or chocolate (brownie and ice cream)?  Well, some things are headache-worthy.  This ice cream is one of them.  It's new from President's choice.  It's easy to scoop, so it's relatively soft in the bowl.  AND it's loaded with little tiny mini rolo-type candies.  Yummo!