Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We had this great kitty, named Rocky. Sometimes Rocko or Rockster, or Rockstar.  Sometimes Dumbass or Ding Dong.

He thought he was a tiger or at the very least, a jungle kitty.

Right from the start he got himself into all kinds of trouble....

He loved water.

Rocky thought he was really good at hiding.

He also thought he was human.

If you go to "google images" and type "google kitty" he's there.  Rocky on the web.

Well Tuesday night we lost our little buddy.  He was hit by a car on the road.  We've found him a final resting place under the tree he used to climb in the back yard.  The crew here at Shady Lane is pretty sad, and will be for awhile.
It just isn't the same around here without him.  He didn't flop down on the carpet with a "murr"  (not a meow) while we watched TV.  He didn't climb on my pillow to get me up after the alarm this morning.  DH didn't have anyone following him to the bathroom looking for treats. And Boy and Girl didn't have him to greet them when they got off the bus today.
Our fuzzy buddy is missed.

God speed, Rocky.  We miss you.