Saturday, February 11, 2012


That is what was written on the rear end of a lady I saw walking down the street.  In my early days of blogging I posted that words on rear-ends was a pet peeve of mine.  It's several years later and it's still a pet peeve because, well, it's gross.  Only now it's out of style too.

When I wake up in the morning and think "what statement do I want to make to the world today?"  "JUICY"  would most certainly not be it.

I think there should be a rule -- you can't have anything written on your behind that you wouldn't want written on your tombstone.  Would you have "juicy" on your grave stone?  I think not.

On second thought, that wouldn't work either.  RIP wouldn't be good on track pants.  Nor would "Here lies Kate" although if I were lying down it would be accurate.

Just a blanket law then.  No letters on your arse.  None.
It's not cool.  Especially if they are stretched over a wide load.

Not cool at all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

whole pile o' stuff

It's been awhile.  I keep apologizing for that...

Partly I've been busy, honestly I've been a bit flat (figuratively, that is) and had writers block.  Hear me whine, "I got nothin' to say.  Nothin's going on.  My life is boring.  Who wants to read about boring..."

I think I'm depressed 'cause there's no snow.  Though usually in  February I am depressed because there is....

This photo is from when we had snow -- in December

Same tree.  Same time.  Just different camera setting.
Cool huh?

My friend, B, wanted me to post the photos from the fancy Gala I went to in December.  Boy took the photos.  I blame him for my issue.  I can't post the photos of the world's greatest dress, because the world's greatest dress doesn't hide the fact that I look fat in the pictures.  I want to believe that Boy used the wide angle lens, but I fear it's all me....

This is the lawnmower Boy has been working on for weeks.  This is the better of the 2 he has on the go -- the other one doesn't have a hood (clarification, it has a hood, it is just on the shop floor) and it has a snowplow blade on the front.  This mediocre White is for sale.  All reasonable offers accepted.

This is Rocky.  He has a new trick.  He goes out the back door, runs around by the pool, climbs up the picnic table and jumps into the kitchen window.  Then he knocks on the window for us to let him in.  He won't come in the door if you call him, he just likes to come in the window, through the plants, into the sink and then back out the door again.  I am not sure if he is confused... or we are.  Who lets him in anyway?