Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm in trouble...

I'm in trouble.

I shouldn't be.  I had big plans.  Big plans, I tell you.

Boy helped me with the plot.  Weeks and weeks ago Boy got DH talking about tools, specifically his wish list for tools he wants "sometime."  Then Boy quick circled them in the Napa/Ideal tool catalogue and I've been sitting on that catalogue waiting for this week to purchase (so I wouldn't have to hide shop implements for long.)
Good plan?  Great plan.

Great plan gone wrong.

I took my sticky-noted circled tool catalogue to the tool store.  Guess what the tool-guy told me?

Sold out.  Sold out!?!!

So now I am in trouble.  I have no Plan B.  Notta.

Once again I am going to be wandering around Canadian Tire and TSC aimlessly looking for something, anything, that might look like DH doesn't already own it.

This is hard.  Really hard, because DH owns everything he could possibly want.  And I'm not exaggerating -- the man just bought a limo, after all.

I'm in trouble.
He's in trouble -- he's going to end up opening a nose-hair trimmer and a chia-pet on Christmas morning, 'cause I got notta, and he's already got EVERYTHING.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

should I be worried?

I think I should be worried.

I arrived home on Friday to find a large box in my back porch.  It's Christmas time; it's not unusual for there to be large box delivered.

The worrisome part?

The label on the box says, "Fantasy Cat House."

Fantasy cat house?  Where is this leading?  I already have a limo parked in my garage; the interior colour of which I refer to "whore-house red."  Do you see where I am going with this?

I sense a worrisome theme at Shady Lane.

I have to talk to DH.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

can NOT believe it!

Guess what?

You'll never guess what.

I can't believe it.

Hear me.  Can NOT believe what my family has done now.

Here's a clue.  They came home with this...

Kinda looks like....

Yep.  The back end of a limosine.

My family came home from getting "car parts" with an entire stretch limo.

It's old.  It certainly did not cost a fortune, I'm told.

But that is NOT the point.

The point is what in the world are we going to do with a limo?

DH has plans.  Big plans.

I fear we'll be going to Boy's hockey game in a limo.

I'm not happy about it.  Any of it.

But I'll tell you; if we do, I am riding in the back and somebody better open the door for me when I want out!

Monday, December 5, 2011

My baby....

Tomorrow my baby turns 13.


Tomorrow morning at 6:30am his great uncle is coming to get him to go deer hunting.  He is beyond excited.

His mother is not.

In this photo he is decked out in his camo-serious-bowhunter-clothing.
In tomorrow's reality he will be wearing head-to-toe orange.  He'll also have a "mommy kiss" in his pocket along with the stern warning not be be "pissin'" around.

And me?
I'll be saying a prayer -- first for his safety (and that of his team)...
and secondly that there aren't deer guts or gore for me to clear off or up from anywhere....

Good luck,  Elmer!