Thursday, July 28, 2011

In my next life

In my next life I want to come back as Rocky because I think he's got it pretty good...


and naps...

Lucky boy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Fella

There's a new fella in my life. Really it's a summer romance, but I'll take what I can get.
He's very tall, strong but gentle, patient, a bit stubborn, and oh so handsome.  He's got several scars, but I think they just make him look wiser.  In short, he's lovely.  He's the perfect antidote for a crazy spring and start to the summer, and he's a lovely distraction for now.  I am a lucky girl.

Let me introduce you to my new love, Darryl.

Alas, he's not mine forever.  I am borrowing him from Girl's riding coach.  She asked me to show him in a couple of classes at the local Saddle Club shows.  I am also taking lessons once a week, so I get to ride him then too.  When Girl takes her lessons, I ride Darryl in the arena to get him ready for the shows.  So, in a good week I might get to ride him three times!

He's good for my soul (and leg muscles!!!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm ba-a-a-ck (say it like Ricky Ricardo)

Hi there.
Thought I'd given up?  Thought I'd disappeared forever and ever? Nope.  I was buried.  Buried under a deep, deep pile of  "to dos."  Ha. Funny.  If you say that fast it sounds like "do dos."  Freudian, I think...

See this...

This is my June "at home" calendar.  My "at work" one has equally as many  notations in the boxes.  July's "at home" looks pretty much the same up until July 15.  On July 15 my summer started.

Now.  See this.

See the one box that is circled in white with the big red arrow pointing to it.  It is the one day in June that there was nothing "to do," and "nowhere to go."  That's the day I got my first migraine in a very long time.  I threw up, laid on the couch and thought I might die.  But I couldn't 'cause there was something on the calendar for the next day.
I am telling you, 'cause no one here felt sorry for me.

I finished up at work-school on July 8.  Then I went crazy from July 9-14 as I had my 2 courses to finish up by the 14th.  I attended school-school on the 12-14th.  Between July 9 and 11 I wrote another big essay (well, not that big, but big to me-- 15 pages, double spaced, 11pt Times Roman font -- because anything longer than a blog post is big to me, because this is only the second essay I have written since 1994!)
I have spent July 15 until today catching up on everything that did not get done around home in June.  Also, I decided to read my most favourite Jilly Cooper novels again because I deserve to sit by the pool on really hot days and do something I actually WANT to do.  So, I am just now finding my writer's voice and I promise to regale you with wit and folly in the coming days.

I've been saving up ideas.  Here's a preview:
-I've got a new fella in my life.  He's handsome, huge and he eats out of the palm of my hand.
-too hot to cook "meal" idea
-Rocky. Rocky. Rocky
-boy's joke
-garden photos
-wonderings about the universe
-cleaning and organizing idea(s) -- depends how ambitious I am

Glad to be back.

PS.  I am determined to figure out Photoshop Elements this summer.  The top photo of the calendar is SOTC (straight out of the camera) and the second one I doctored in PSE (photoshop elements). Messed with the lighting and colour contrasts and put in the circle and arrow.  Cool huh?  I could get addicted to this program. I will share as I learn.