August 13, 2012 -- THE IMPORTANCE OF SHOES

The most important tip I've learned to stay on top of chores in the house is to wear lace up running shoes in the house.  I got a new pair today because my old Pumas bit the dust yesterday (which explains why I got nothing done yesterday).  I like Pumas because they are light and sleek (though I must say that I look like  I have fat potato feet in the top picture -- please assume it is the camera angle.)

A couple of years ago I discovered Flylady.  She saved me from chaos and insanity.  One of  the Flylady "rules" about getting started tackling your own chaos is to get dressed to the shoes.

It works.  When I've got my runners on, I get "stuff" done.  When I take them off it means instant relaxation -- I'm done for the day.

October 9, 2010 -- 43 FOLDERS
Another new system.  I've had this one in place since the first day of school, but I wanted to try it out for a bit to see how it would work before I mentioned it.
I love it.

It's called the "43 Folders" system.  I read about it in the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. 
So here's how it works, and why it's genius:

You need 43 folders -- one for each month, plus one numbered for days 1-31 (31+12=43).

So whenever I have something that must be done on a certain date I put that paper (or a reminder) in that folder.  If I have a report due on Oct. 14 then I put the requirements for that report in the folder marked 14. 
So each morning when I go into work I take out that day's folder.  Then I know exactly what I have to do, and everything I need for the day is in one spot.
When I've emptied the day's folder it goes behind the next month's folder.  You can see in the photo that November has folders 1-6, while October has 7-31 behind it. 
When I have something to remember for way down the road, I just put that information in the month folder.  Right now Febrary has papers regarding the February report cards.  When February comes I'll file those papers in the day folder for when I need them.

This is the best organizing system I've ever taken on. I used to make lists or notes to myself.  I kept my papers in a neat pile in a bin on the corner of my desk, or put away in binders or files.  That kept things neat, but wasn't always productive.  Now I almost always accomplish what I need to in a day, and I think it is because I don't have to root around in piles to find what I need.

If I can find room in my home office I plan on creating the same system at home.  Then I can keep track of field trips, permission forms, schedules etc.

I think I have a crush on David Allen, productivity guru.  Hero.

August 10, 2010

This is my new recharging station.  I used to have all the rechargers in a dish beside the electrical outlet.  It was handy but I had to dump them all out to find the correct charger for the phone etc. 

I got this unit at Canadian Tire in the hardware section.  You can add as many drawers to it as you like.  I think it's meant for nails and screws etc.  I have one drawer for each charger.  Now I can always find the charger I need without going through every one and checking to see which end fits the unit I need.

Makes me happy.  I'm weird that way.