Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick -- how are these 3 things connected?

Crockpot, ice fishing, mouse...

You'll never guess.

I'll just tell you the story.

On Family Day Boy went ice fishing with his 4H Club.  (I spent Family Day on the couch feeling ill and sorry for myself.) 
When Boy got home from ice fishing that night he left his duffle bag in the kitchen.  Boy did not catch anything, but he had a great time. He also had great stories about a mouse in the ice hut, hockey on the lake and sunglasses falling down the ice hole.

I was feeling crummy so I left the crockpot in the sink to soak overnight.  When DH went to bed he closed the kitchen door to keep Rocky out of the kitchen so he wouldn't play in the crockpot (it's well documented that he likes to play in water....)

When I went to the kitchen on Tuesday morning I found a mouse floating in my crockpot.  A MOUSE!  IN MY CROCKPOT! Yuck!  I promptly ran to DH to report the travesty.  He didn't display the same level of gross-out that I did...

I dumped the crockpot of mouse soup outside in the snowbank.

Then I scoured my crockpot, countertops and sink several times.  Then I did it again.  The mouse was IN my crockpot, you see.

Then I tore the cupboards apart looking for evidence of the little rodent.  Nothing.

We have lived here since 1996 and in that time we've never had a mouse in the house. 

The only evidence I could find of a mouse was a possible dropping beside Boy's duffle bag.

Conclusion:  Boy brought a mouse home from the ice hut.

Tragedy:  Rocky never had the opportunity to prove his prowness....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

big, deep questions

(Hello friends, I've been absent from posting for a few weeks -- had a conference, read about 5000 report cards (really just 232, but that's alot), and have been sick with a cold/flu/exhaustion for about a week.  But I'm back now with new thoughts...)

Boy has asked some pretty big questions lately.  Questions that I can't answer.  Not the "where to babies come from questions" (Thank goodness) but questions that make me say "hmmmm?"

For those much wiser than I, please feel free to post the answers in the comments and I'll be sure to pass them along to Boy.

Are you ready???  Remember these are Boys wonderings, not mine.  Though I do have the same concern about question number 3. 

Question 1
Why do people pay money for ripped jeans?

And, why can't I wear the jeans I ripped in the shop to school, if it's the "in" thing.  The answer to this one is "because I said so!"

Question 2
Why do they call it a hamburger?  It's not made of  ham.  AND if it really is meant to be "meat burger" why to they put vegetation like lettuce and tomatoes on it?  That should be on a veggie burger.  Why do meat eaters need to specifically ask that there be no vegetation polluting the hamburger?

Question 3
Why does Rocky always smell like butt?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

know what this is?

If you are a hockey mom, you know what this is....

This is VICTORY.

Boy's team won a hockey tournament this weekend. 
When you win a championship you throw down your sticks, gloves, helmets so you can a)jump on your goalie, b)receive your banner/trophy/medals and c) get your team photo taken by crazy Big Red, who also takes random shots of the ice on her way to the team photo.

Friday, February 4, 2011

just try and guess....

Here are your clues....

I came home from work yesterday to find the following items spread down the length of my hallway

Item #1 -- a clean pair of DHs work socks, unfolded, wrinkled a bit. The pair was not together

Item #2 -- a shoe lace from a hockey skate

Item #3 -- a skateboard

Item #4 -- the cat's harness and leash

Can you guess?

I wish I had a photo, but since I don't I will describe to you exactly how the above mess was explained to me in my conversation with Girl and DH.

Me:  What's with the stuff in the hall?
Girl:  Me and Dad were playing with Rocky.
Me:  Where's Rocky now?
DH:  We think he's hiding.
Me:  Should I be worried about him?  Did you tie him up or something?
Girl:  Not really.  But he liked what we did.
Me:  Not really???? 
DH:  Well, he went skateboarding.
Me:  (my voice is rising)  Skateboarding?
DH:  He was safe, and he might of liked it.
Girl:  (interrupting) We tied the string to the front of the skateboard.  And put the leash on Rocky.
Me:  Uh huh....
DH:  The silly cat didn't seem to mind.
Me:  And the socks?
Girl:  He was safe.  We tied dad's socks around his head so if he crashed it wouldn't hurt.
DH:  Like a little helmet.  He liked it.
Girl:  Yeah.  He liked it.  He didn't move 'til I walked away from the board.  He just sat there.  He liked it.

Me: (Thinking.) I'll bet he was wishing he had on his cool blue argyle t-shirt, cause that would be totally rad!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

how does a cat spend a snow day?

If you are That Cat...

you spend it like this...

In your flannel nightie (on top of the hockey bag)

Then you get dressed in your favourite blue t-shirt and have your breakfast.

At snack time you make sure you have your bib on so Girl can feed you your Tasty Temptations on a baby spoon.

All the while you plan your escape from such humiliation....

I wish you luck, Rocky.  Love Mama