Sunday, May 2, 2010

I went to a Body and Soul Spa night fundraiser for Cancer research on Friday night.  It was amazing -- I tried all kinds of "new" things -- belly dancing, reiki, body talk, brain gym and relaxation (I know, "relaxation" is not an entirely new concept -- but it is a struggle for me!).  The speaker at the beginning of the evening said that men and women process stress differently.  No kidding!  She also said that while men find watching TV a major stress reliever, and that it does not work for women.  Again I say, "no kidding!"  Her suggestions for women included cooking a nice meal for your family. (I know. "Whoa Martha," this is not stress relieving -- it is stress causing!) The stress reducer that made sense was holding a baby (possibly not your own.) I got to do that again today. My wee niece had her baptism, and her big sister had her First Communion. There really is something lovely about the sweet smell, soft skin and squishy arms and legs of a baby that just melts everything else away.

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  1. Oh, she is sweet! And there is nothing like holding a baby!!