Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Fella

There's a new fella in my life. Really it's a summer romance, but I'll take what I can get.
He's very tall, strong but gentle, patient, a bit stubborn, and oh so handsome.  He's got several scars, but I think they just make him look wiser.  In short, he's lovely.  He's the perfect antidote for a crazy spring and start to the summer, and he's a lovely distraction for now.  I am a lucky girl.

Let me introduce you to my new love, Darryl.

Alas, he's not mine forever.  I am borrowing him from Girl's riding coach.  She asked me to show him in a couple of classes at the local Saddle Club shows.  I am also taking lessons once a week, so I get to ride him then too.  When Girl takes her lessons, I ride Darryl in the arena to get him ready for the shows.  So, in a good week I might get to ride him three times!

He's good for my soul (and leg muscles!!!)

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