Saturday, April 7, 2012

New obsession

Hello friends!
Sorry I disappeared for awhile.  I have been busy researching and writing a paper, doing DH's book work for taxes (my FAV job ever! said with EXTREME sarcasm), plus work and the usual mom stuff.  Oh! and some stuff that isn't usual -- like Maple Syrup (I'll tell you that tale another day.)

A teacher friend of mine told me about a great website.  She has found some great craft ideas, but raves that it has everything.  Now, I mentioned this site to a few people and it seems I am new to the planet-of-web because everyone has already heard about it.

In the event that you are from the same too-busy-to-surf planet that I am, allow me to introduce you to Pinterest.

This comes with a serious warning.  Serious.

This is addictive.

Completely addictive.

I have been on 3 times today -- and I don't have time -- remember I am from the real life planet of too-busy-to-surf, so my laundry is waiting as is the shower stall that screams "clean me, Boy has been here!"

The idea of Pinterest is that of a sort of scrap book.  You can "pin" pictures and ideas you find on the web to your own board (I haven't done that -- a little worried about copyright...) to keep ideas organized.  I said, "organized," so you know already why I love it.  I just snoop around the home page, or choose a category I like such as home decor.  The great thing about Pinterest is that the photos are either beautiful or inspring, but also that you can find everything there. I mean everything -- quotes, recipes, crafts, organization tips, photos, hair and nail ideas, clothing... Truly everything.  And it's addictive because a) there is so much to look at and b) it changes all the time as people pin up new items.

Check it out

But be warned -- you'll get totally absorbed.

You might get knocked off your planet for awhile....

But that's okay, it's nice to visit a happy universe once in awhile.

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  1. Just started using Pinterest myself, KB. So much to PIN, so little time!!