Friday, December 10, 2010

The Litter Box Saga

Yep, this is a post about Rocky's litter box(es), so if the thought of such reading (sans photos) is disturbing you better go elsewhere.

I actually thought of doing this post a couple of months ago, but it didn't seem, well, newsworthy.  It's still not, but it's reached a reasonable conclusion so I will write it anyway.

Rocky has always been really good about using the litter box, except the first time he discovered the dryer and got overly excited about it (just like a wiggly puppy would).  I don't have any complaints about him going where he shouldn't since. 

Here's the issue.  He doesn't like doing his different jobs in the same space.  As the immensely thoughtful brainiac cat he wishes he could be he would pee in the litter box.  If he had to do the other job he'd step into the box, carefully push/lift/throw litter out of the box.  Then he would climb out, scoop up the litter and make a neat pile just outside the litter box.  Then he'd jump back in, back up to the edge, hang his hiney over the side and poop into the pile.  Ever the neat-freak he'd then crawl out of the box again and cover up his pile.  Every morning it was like finding little poop shrines infront of his box. 

DH thought he'd found a great solution.  He and Girl bought a kitty outhouse.  It's a box-like thing with a small door only big enough for Rocky to crawl in.  It has a lid and a deluxe feature that means if you roll it over the clumps inside get separated into a small drawer to make for easy clean up.  It's also much bigger than the original box, so we figured That Cat would have room for all his needs.

Nope,  he'd just shoot the litter out the door and poop in the pile like usual.  The difficulty was it became one big pile (think pyramid) because the door was small.  Also, it was hard to put the litter back in through the little hole. 

DH was frustrated that That Cat couldn't appreciate the expense and luxury of the outhouse.  I was frustrated with the poop alter I had to clean up each day.

Girl found the solution.

She put litter back in the old box and put it beside the luxury suite.  Now he separates his business between boxes. 

Problem solved.

Ay, Eiy, Eiy.


  1. Too funny that Rocky needs 2 spots for littering, but hey, whatever works! And, it sounds like the poop altars have been eliminated.

  2. It amazes me how a story about a cats two businesses can make me laugh out loud. Glad the problem is solved.