Monday, April 25, 2011

boy's acronym

Boy went to a hockey game with some friends on Friday.  It is amazing what pre-teen fellows come up with on their own....

He came home to have this conversation with me:
Boy:  Mom, you know how they have LOL and TTYL and stuff, for short forms.
Me:  Uh huh.
Boy:  You know, like "laugh out loud" and "talk to you later."
Me:  impatient because Boy is so sure I am an idiot that he often feels the need to explain the basics to me... Yes.  Yes.  I am familiar with the terms.
Boy:  I have a new one.  giggles.
Me:  uh huh.  suspicious, I know that giggle.
Boy:  PMP.  smiling.
Me:  thinking.  I don't get it.
Boy:  laughing out loud now (that's LOL, you know.)  Poop My Pants!!


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