Saturday, April 16, 2011

I did something

I did something. 
I started my first course for my Master's degree on April 2.  It is called EDU 635 Ontario School Law.  This is the course work for the class.

Looks a bit daunting, but I don't actually have to read the purple  Education Act, only refer to sections of it.  The red coiled book contains a series of articles, a few short quizzes and some case studies.  I only have to do some of them. 

So.... silly me.  I came home on April 2nd and said to DH "this course wasn't nearly the work I imagined.  I wonder if I should take the second one offered this term and get them both over with."

Now, you have to understand where I was coming from.  I had just finished a winter that involved a child playing hockey 3-5 nights a week (that's well over 20 hours at the arena or driving to and from the arena) plus Girl's figure skating, and riding.  On April 2nd I was a carefree, crazy chick.  I had all the time in the world on April 2nd.  I could do anything!

It's April 16.  I'm an idiot.

Today I started EDU 615 Introduction to Leadership.  This is the course work I got today.  It consists of two binders -- a 2" binder and a 1" binder.  Note that they are both full.  These are all things I have to read before May 27. (Did I mention I also have a full time job, a family and I'm taking EDU 635????)

See this....


See these top 13 pages.  These are my assignments.  My assignments!  13 pages!!
See this.

This is me. 
Freaking out. 
What in the world was I thinking when I tackled this extra class?  Let's be honest; what was I thinking when I took on the first one....
I know what I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't thinking that baseball and horse show season start in a few weeks!!!
Mercy me.

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