Tuesday, September 22, 2009

menu planning monday (on Tuesday)

The usual menu plan sponsored by orgjunkie.com
Monday -- hidden bean chili* and fried potatoes
Tuesday -- chicken burgers
Wednesday -- meet the teacher night at school, dinner there
Thursday -- Crock Pot Maggie soup
Friday -- Tacos
Saturday -- DS is away, so we'll treat DD out

*Hidden bean chili explanation: One of the great things about chili is the beans -- they're loaded with fibre and good for you. My family doesn't like them though. So, sneaky me, I use my food chopper and chop up canned kidney and navy beans and add them to the chili. When they're all chopped up they look like hamburger and you can't tell they're in there. They regularly tell me they like my chili better than anyone else's 'cause mine doesn't have "yucky beans." I just smile 'cause what they don't know is good for them!
This is a trick I use for many recipes -- you can hide flax seed meal in almost anything. Also carrot or sweet potato puree works well in meatloaf and spaghetti sauce. I put mushrooms in my spaghetti sauce (though all 3 claim they've never eaten a mushroom!)

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  1. I hide flax in all sorts of stuff (even in the bread crumbs that top the mac & cheese!). I also stash ground up sweet potatoes and carrots in lots of stuff. I love the bean idea, too! I'm gonna try the mushroom thing too.