Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We're right back into the swing of school routines. We have a morning protocol that's worked for the 7 years DS has been in school, but any attempt I've made at altering that routine has been a dismal failure. It's like my body is so programmed to the timing that it is hopeless to vary from that schedule. I even practiced last week -- ya wouldn't know it yesterday morning or this. I had sincerely planned on getting up 20 minutes earlier every day -- do some blogging, maybe fold some laundry... Nope, instead of hitting "snooze" once, I hit it 3 times this morning. So 6:15 it is.
Even the kids are right into the routine. If DH is home, he completely screws up the process. His comments are usually to the effect that "how do we ever get out the door in the morning." And I can see his point -- but if he's not there, like a sudden extra cog in the wheel, we do ok.
I haven't given up hope yet -- we're only 2 days into the school year, but I'm honestly thinking my goal of a half hour work out before I wake the others is a distant dream. Maybe if I switch my motivator-- I get a chocolate donut as soon as my feet the floor will do the trick?

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  1. I hear you, KB. If my DH is around in the morning (and he is more since there are no pigs to feed) things can go to "pot" pretty darn quick. It took him quite a while last year, but he now hides in the office for an early morning paperwork session until everyone is on the bus. Our new challenge this school season..........2 buses at two different times.
    I have tried to alter the schedule before. This year we HAD to as J's bus comes 20 minutes earlier than the other bus did. So I was always going to get up earlier for a quick walk: now I AM up earlier, but to walk I'd have to shove that even earlier.........the shock may be too great!