Monday, February 1, 2010

101 things

I am following the Jack Canfield Dream Big program that builds on "The Secret's" Law of Attraction. There are a series of lessons I listen to on CD each morning. Today's lesson requires that I create a list of 101 things I want to do/have/accomplish in my lifetime. A sort of "bucket list" if you will. Here's my difficulty....I'm stuck at 8. I think I'm at a place of contentment in life. I've accomplished most professional goals. Now my wishes have more to do with helping my kids reach their potential. But that can't be it for me -- I can't be few years short of 40 and NOT have a list. I'm wondering if it's the stage in life. Comment or email if you've tackled such a list. Let me know how it goes. For now, I think I will have to pause at this lesson and dream bigger. When I get to my 101 I'll let you know (notice I said "when," not "if.)

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