Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Steep, steep learning curve. Thought Twitter was a waste of time -- who can say anything in less than 140 characters? My Tech. conference on the weekend changed my mind.
Yes, it can be a waste of time, and very silly tweets about what you are doing -- "going to the bathroom now." And I fail to see the value of following a celebrity...
BUT, here's what I learned. Twitter is a really cool way to find information and to have other people filter information for you. If I was researching in university again I would be ALL over this. The trick (that I have yet to figure out completely) is to find really good (as in smart and well-read) people to follow. They post articles, information and questions to challenge/change/increase your thinking. Twitter links can be links to articles and videos.
My current interest is to see if I can learn this Twitter-thing so I can teach students how to make use of it, not just to natter at friends, but to help with school work. So, like I discovered with blogging, it's best to just jump in and start Tweeting. My goal is to learn one new thing about or from Twitter every day. If you want to follow my progress you can find me on Twitter @kaboyd1

Here I go....tweet, tweet, tweet

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