Sunday, March 7, 2010


So I've been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now, and I've joined my board Admin Ning. If I count those activities with this blog I have 23 people "following" me. Me! They are following me. Now I know about most of you who join me on this blog once and awhile. I know who you are, and I know the folks in the Ning, but the Twitter folks -- don't know them. Don't really know how they found me. It's a bit freaky, being followed that is. I feel great pressure to appear wise, to post "good stuff." What I really ought to do is email them and tell the followers that they really should find someone who knows what they are doing. I'm just learning. Mostly I "retweet" 'cause I can't think of anything to post of my own. The blog suits me better, I can ramble and explain. I'm not one who can usually articulate the meat of the point in 140 characters or less.

On the other hand, I'm finding it quite flattering to see my Twitter follow list growing. I had a real fat head about it 'til I checked out one of my followers. Apparently he has nothing to do but follow and tweet, because he is following 15000 people. That is not a typo...15000 people. So, I'm not a special tweeter, I'm one of thousands, and he clearly does not discriminate well.

One of my ning friends asked how often I go on Twitter. I replied with a phrase I never thought I'd say outloud. I said "I tweet nightly, and you?"

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