Saturday, March 27, 2010

phone crazy

I got a Blackberry about 3 weeks ago, then I lost my mind. I used to have an old flip phone. I didn't text with it, 'cause I couldn't figure out how to erase if I made a mistake. When I did text it was only to DH, and he learned to read around my typos. That worked for us, 'cause I had to do the same thing when he sent me a text.
In my bid to become more technologically relevant I headed to Rogers to get an iPhone (I NEEDED those Apps!) but the gal there convinced me that the iPhone was for "play" and the Blackberry was for "work." Since I was justifying the purchase as being NECESSARY for work, I had to go with the Blackberry. I am impressed with how easy it has been to learn to use.

Now, how did I lose my mind? I first noticed the insanity when I had to carry it around with me at ALL times. It comes with a holder that clips to the waistband of my pants. That meant I could no longer wear my dresses or jumpers (no place to clip the Blackberry...) My old phone stayed in my purse -- I often missed calls (DH is the only one who called me, and when I noticed I'd missed the call, either I was already home and talking to him, or I called back. Easy) Now when the phone rings, I jump. My blood rushes. It's for me. It's still only DH, but I really like the ring tone....
I also get a weird thrill when I get an email, or text. I feel the little vibrate (not THAT kind of a thrill) and I get excited that someone has something to say to me. I try REALLY hard not to check right away -- I learned that's poor Blackberry etiquette -- but I check as soon as socially appropriate.
I was wearing Blackberry on the band of my trackpants at home, whilest doing the cleaning. I came to my senses when I nearly dropped the thing in the toilet. Note to self -- do NOT check emails and clean the can at the same time....
Told ya -- crazy!

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