Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the nicest thing

I had the nicest thing happen today. I was at a principal's meeting (usually "nice things" don't happen there....) and the Director spoke about visiting my school the day before. He told everyone that one of my staff members had pulled him aside to compliment me. She told him I was one of the reasons she liked coming to work everyday. I got all teary-eyed and flustered when the Director spoke, and everyone clapped. It was so amazing that someone said that about me -- to my boss, and that he shared it with all my colleagues.
I tell you this not for acclamations, but because it made me realize something. I realized that it did not take really any time at all, or much effort on the part of my staff member or the director to change my current perspective. This small kindness, this recognition, reminded me of the important part of my job. I've been a bit bogged down in some things lately, and now I am refreshed.
I am also reminded of the importance of words of appreciation. Too often I think I have taken friends, colleagues, and family for granted. If I can "fly" all day, and find renewed hope in this "nice thing" then I ought to be purposely seeking out "nice things" to share with others.
That's my new mission.

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