Thursday, April 8, 2010

something to think about

Found this link on Twitter. It gave me something to think about.
The more I think on it, the more it makes sense.

Check out "Two Questions that Can Change your Life" at

I don't know what my sentence would be. I think I'm with JFK in that I currently have a strange jumbled paragraph complete with run-on sentences, dangling participles and sentence fragments. If someone could see through my jumbled paragraph, I would want them to read "She takes care of her people" be that family, friends, staff, or students. I think that sentence speaks of the things I aspire to -- kindness, compassion, understanding, competence, gratitude, loyalty, honesty and service. Perhaps the point of the defining oneself in a single sentence is to create the vision to follow. Now I need to edit the jumbled paragraph and focus on the vision.

Was I better today than yesterday? Good question. Deep. The kind of thing I will wrap my mind around when I'm doing my gratitude journal before bed.
Then the question becomes "How can I become better tomorrow than I was today?" That's an even better sentence -- sets a goal, creates a vision.

I love reading or viewing something such as this clip; something that is inherently simple, but that cuts right to the point. This clip speaks to me in that it challenges me to reflect and envision. Cool.

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