Monday, January 3, 2011

Seriously... I 'm just supposed to breathe???

I have been to two workshops in the last 5 weeks.  The first was called "Emotional Healing for Traumatized Children" (I know, heavy, right?) and the second was a conflict resolution workshop I took this evening.

Both workshops, while having vastly different topics, had a common message. I'm thinking that the Universe has twisted my studies to be sure I get this message.  And I'm thinking that maybe I should be listening -- 'cause I also read the same message in a magazine article and heard it on Oprah over the holidays.  And you know if Oprah and the Universe are sending the same message, then you should pay attention!

The message?
You cannot take care of others if you first do not take care of yourself.  You have nothing to give away if you don't first fill yourself.

How? you ask.
Remember this is the word of the Universe's message, not me.... Breathe.  Sit quietly with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breath in and out.  Notice the support of the chair underneath you and the rhythm your breath brings to your body.

My whoas and fatigue and grumpies will disappear with me sitting with my eyes closed and breathing?

I breathe all day long. 

How 'bout I sit with my eyes closed sipping a wine. 
Why can' that be the message from the Universe.  "Big Red, drink more wine...."

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