Tuesday, February 22, 2011

big, deep questions

(Hello friends, I've been absent from posting for a few weeks -- had a conference, read about 5000 report cards (really just 232, but that's alot), and have been sick with a cold/flu/exhaustion for about a week.  But I'm back now with new thoughts...)

Boy has asked some pretty big questions lately.  Questions that I can't answer.  Not the "where to babies come from questions" (Thank goodness) but questions that make me say "hmmmm?"

For those much wiser than I, please feel free to post the answers in the comments and I'll be sure to pass them along to Boy.

Are you ready???  Remember these are Boys wonderings, not mine.  Though I do have the same concern about question number 3. 

Question 1
Why do people pay money for ripped jeans?

And, why can't I wear the jeans I ripped in the shop to school, if it's the "in" thing.  The answer to this one is "because I said so!"

Question 2
Why do they call it a hamburger?  It's not made of  ham.  AND if it really is meant to be "meat burger" why to they put vegetation like lettuce and tomatoes on it?  That should be on a veggie burger.  Why do meat eaters need to specifically ask that there be no vegetation polluting the hamburger?

Question 3
Why does Rocky always smell like butt?


  1. I can answer the first part of question two.... The hamburger was created in Hamburg, Germany, hence the name hamburger. As for the rest, he has me stumped. My DH thinks he is sitting on a gold mine with all his ripped work jeans LOL

  2. LOL! Only boy! And I can just hear him asking!
    Re: Ripped Jeans: Can he help me? My boy purchases ripped jeans, yet if they further rip, in the wrong location, they have to be repaired?????!?!!?!?