Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick -- how are these 3 things connected?

Crockpot, ice fishing, mouse...

You'll never guess.

I'll just tell you the story.

On Family Day Boy went ice fishing with his 4H Club.  (I spent Family Day on the couch feeling ill and sorry for myself.) 
When Boy got home from ice fishing that night he left his duffle bag in the kitchen.  Boy did not catch anything, but he had a great time. He also had great stories about a mouse in the ice hut, hockey on the lake and sunglasses falling down the ice hole.

I was feeling crummy so I left the crockpot in the sink to soak overnight.  When DH went to bed he closed the kitchen door to keep Rocky out of the kitchen so he wouldn't play in the crockpot (it's well documented that he likes to play in water....)

When I went to the kitchen on Tuesday morning I found a mouse floating in my crockpot.  A MOUSE!  IN MY CROCKPOT! Yuck!  I promptly ran to DH to report the travesty.  He didn't display the same level of gross-out that I did...

I dumped the crockpot of mouse soup outside in the snowbank.

Then I scoured my crockpot, countertops and sink several times.  Then I did it again.  The mouse was IN my crockpot, you see.

Then I tore the cupboards apart looking for evidence of the little rodent.  Nothing.

We have lived here since 1996 and in that time we've never had a mouse in the house. 

The only evidence I could find of a mouse was a possible dropping beside Boy's duffle bag.

Conclusion:  Boy brought a mouse home from the ice hut.

Tragedy:  Rocky never had the opportunity to prove his prowness....

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  1. .......imagine the chaos that would have ensued!!!