Friday, February 4, 2011

just try and guess....

Here are your clues....

I came home from work yesterday to find the following items spread down the length of my hallway

Item #1 -- a clean pair of DHs work socks, unfolded, wrinkled a bit. The pair was not together

Item #2 -- a shoe lace from a hockey skate

Item #3 -- a skateboard

Item #4 -- the cat's harness and leash

Can you guess?

I wish I had a photo, but since I don't I will describe to you exactly how the above mess was explained to me in my conversation with Girl and DH.

Me:  What's with the stuff in the hall?
Girl:  Me and Dad were playing with Rocky.
Me:  Where's Rocky now?
DH:  We think he's hiding.
Me:  Should I be worried about him?  Did you tie him up or something?
Girl:  Not really.  But he liked what we did.
Me:  Not really???? 
DH:  Well, he went skateboarding.
Me:  (my voice is rising)  Skateboarding?
DH:  He was safe, and he might of liked it.
Girl:  (interrupting) We tied the string to the front of the skateboard.  And put the leash on Rocky.
Me:  Uh huh....
DH:  The silly cat didn't seem to mind.
Me:  And the socks?
Girl:  He was safe.  We tied dad's socks around his head so if he crashed it wouldn't hurt.
DH:  Like a little helmet.  He liked it.
Girl:  Yeah.  He liked it.  He didn't move 'til I walked away from the board.  He just sat there.  He liked it.

Me: (Thinking.) I'll bet he was wishing he had on his cool blue argyle t-shirt, cause that would be totally rad!

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  1. if only a video had been taken! maybe next time.