Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Horror of horrors!!!

Yes, even MORE horrifying than finding a mouse in your crockpot!!
So horrifying I almost cannot speak of it.

But I started this post, so I will.  But I warn you .... you won't be able to look at me the same again....

Still reading???
Looking for an excuse not to look at me ever, ever again???

Here it is.

Today I made the most basic mistake, the mistake that is made fun of on movies and TV shows, the thing that your mother warns you about from the first time you ever put on a skirt...

I tucked the back of my long flowing skirt into my bloomers.  It was a long full skirt so no hiney was exposed but IT COULD HAVE BEEN hanging out for all the elementary children in Small Town to see!!!

A very sweet, concerned parent volunteer followed me down the hall, ran to catch up with me, and then pointed out my faux pas.

I died.
Then I laughed.
But not really.

The end.


  1. I know why this happened............we are sleep deprived from all the time we spend driving to and from and in arenas!
    This too shall pass..........and then it will be ball season and swimming lessons........

  2. funny far too funny, I still remember my Grade 1 teacher doing that, to this day, when I think of this I laugh and laugh and laugh...... DOn't worry we will still look at you, it just might be in fits of giggles...