Sunday, May 1, 2011


Girl and I got up on Friday morning at 5:15am to watch the Royal Wedding.  We oooed and ahhhd and smiled at the bride and groom.  It was a most perfect wedding, from my perspective sitting on my lazy boy in my pjs.  I timed my departure from home and arrival at work so I could see the balcony and the promised kiss.  Then I peeked in on the CBC broadcast periodically throughout the day (don't tell!)

And now I am depressed.

I am obsessed with Kate.  That Kate.  I think Kate might be causing my midlife crisis....

She appears to be near perfect.  I love her hair.  It doesn't frizz and fly.  It is probably its natural colour.  It never looks like a nest.  Also, she is thin and looks good in everything.  Even rubber boots.  She has the best pair of Chanel sunglasses.  She looks really good in skinny jeans -- probably the thin thing again.  Even ridiculous hats look good.  

I am not jealous because she has prince, or a castle, or vast wealth.  Well, maybe the wealth part -- then I could buy Chanel sunglasses too.  I think I am "in envy" 'cause she's young (and thin, and has great hair) and appears calm and poised and elegant; instead of frumpy with crazy hair and a harried self. 

I am obsessed with photos of her which only furthers my depression 'cause that will never be me....


Congratulations Wills and Kate.  I wish you every happiness.

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