Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Over the past several years Girl has gotten quite a number of ribbons from her horse shows.  The question of displaying them or stashing them has come up many times.

This is how we solved the problem in her room

I attached rows of string across the transom window above the door in her room.  I just tacked it to the wood.  The back of the ribbons has a little hook that just slips over the string.  I can fit about 5 rows of ribbons across here; at that point we may have to look for a larger room because there is no way Girl will agree to stop trying to collect them....

I have gathered a couple of ribbons for myself and I didn't want them to hang in my room or office.  I got this idea from "google."  (You really can google anything!)

I rolled up the ribbons so just the flowerette shows and put them into a large apothecary jar.  The jar is full so I am done showing...

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