Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Questions of the universe

1.  If you are Boy and it is your first day of high school (gulp) and it is pouring rain, which is more embarrassing -- arriving at school soaking wet OR having your mother show up in her jeep at the bus stop?

2.  Why are all of Boy's socks always inside out in the laundry?

3.  Why is Shout required for ALL of Girl's t-shirts?

4.  Has Girl ever heard of a napkin?

5.  Why, when it is pouring, pouring, pouring rain is the umbrella in the jeep and not in the closet?

6.  Why is sending a child to Grade 9 as traumatic as sending him to Kindergarten?

7. Am I the only mom who weeps thinking about 5 years from now?

8.  Is sending your child to college as traumatic as sending him to Kindergarten, or Grade 9, or more so?

9.  Why does Girl tell me 10 minutes before bed time that she has to read for 30 minutes for homework?

10. Why is there always one pair of underwear in the mama drawer that just doesn't stay where it is supposed to -- why did I pick it from the drawer this morning?

11.  Why was I compelled to share #10?


  1. All of the boy socks at our house are inside out too.

  2. Yes - sending boy to college is just as tramatic as starting grade 9 - but for a whole different set of reasons!

  3. and - sharing # 10 - is exactly why I keep reading your blog!!!