Sunday, November 7, 2010

better late than never

I started this Christmas stocking in November 1998, just before Boy was born. 

It is 14pt. counted cross-stitch.  The plan was that I would present it to the new baby for Christmas 1999, for his/her first Christmas.  If you know anything about a)counted cross-stitch or b) having a new baby or c) me, you would know that this was a ridiculously amibitious (read: impossible) project.

I got a good piece of the tree done when Boy was 3 months old.  He was in the hospital for a major surgery and I needed something to keep my hands busy so my heart and head wouldn't explode with fear.  When Boy came home it got put away on the one-more-thing-to-feel-guilty-about shelf. 

I pulled it out again to take to the arena when he had hockey practice.  My self-diagnosed ADHD won't let me sit and do nothing, these hands need to be busy.  I think it took me about 4 seasons to complete.  It became a bit of a joke for the other hockey moms -- "still working on your stocking, eh?" 

Well now it's finished, and I will hang it for Boy for his 12th Chirstmas. 

I have started one this season for Girl.  She asked me if she will have it before she goes to college.

It's hard to say, really.  Depends on whether or not Boy keeps playing hockey I guess.....


  1. Well you beat mom, she is still working on a quilt from before she was married. LOL. The stocking looks great, nice job.

  2. She's such a witty little thing!
    It looks great, by the way.
    And I've got some more things to keep stitching at the arena; I don't like just sitting either!