Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boy's project

This is how you know your kid is going to be busy all summer....

He comes home with a tractor -- a real tractor -- but most of it is in a variety of boxes.
Can you call it a tractor if it looks like a collection of parts and is not recognizable as any entity itself?

All summer Boy has worked on this tractor.  DH would give him instructions at night and the next day Boy would complete whatever job it was that his dad had left him.

This is where he was at on Saturday...

see -- you can kind of tell it's a tractor.

Boy's got the motor running, fixed the brakes and replaced the transmission.  He did the sandblasting on Saturday, so DH could paint the chassis in the afternoon while Boy did the rims.

I have teased Boy about his hunka junk but I am really proud of his hard work.  He tells me it starts and runs now, but I have yet to see it move.
DH tells me we should buy one tractor-in-a-box a summer 'til Boy moves out.  It keeps him busy, happy and out of trouble.
The difficulty is that Boy says he's not selling his tractor, and since we don't have vast acreage in need of farm machinery I am afraid we'll just end up with a yard full of shiny red tractors that we'll have to move to mow around.
And yes, they would all be RED tractors!  (that's assurance for my John Deere friends!)

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