Wednesday, September 7, 2011

random list

1.  Guess who is sitting on my lap, in my office, right now?
Stewy.  Stewy is sitting on my lap. I smuggled him in and closed the office door.  I know that no one will bother us because no one wants to see me working.  'Makes them feel guilty about watching TV...
I debated taking a photo of Stewy resting so peacefully, but then there would be photographic evidence that I smuggled him further into the house.
So far Stewy has been only allowed in the back porch, or in the kitchen when it's cold.  My argument is that it has been cold all week, so he comes in around supper time and often stays the night in the back room.
My rationale is that the office is only a hop and a skip from the kitchen, and it's cold and my lap needs to be warmed up.

Rocky is not a good lap warmer.  He's too wiggly.  Stewy is still and calm and will give me a reason to sit here very quietly for at least an hour.  I will get work done, my lap will get warmed up, and so will my soul.
My dilemma is how to sneak him out of the office past DH later on.

DH has not warmed to Stewy.  He's stubborn that way.

If you know anyone who would like a near perfect cat -- Stewy is looking for a forever home where he will be appreciated for his near sainthood.  I would consider offering Rocky, though I've blogged enough about him that you will know that "saint" and "Rocky" can't be uttered in the same sentence.

2.  I have been back at school for a little over 2 weeks -- 2 days of that have been with students and I am TIRED.  I went to bed last night shortly after 9pm, and will likely do the same tonight.  Funny how having students at school changes everything.  I get so much more done at a much better pace when there are no kids there!  It's not much different than home in that respect, I guess!

3.  It's been cold this week.  I've put my Birkenstocks away and got out closed-toed flats.  Not heels, just flats -- and my feet are aching.  I miss my Birks and my runners.  I miss summer.  I miss bare feet.  I miss a cold beverage on the deck after my afternoon nap (this has nothing to do with shoes, just a random wish that popped into my head -- it happens sometimes.)

4.  Did I mention I was tired?  It's 8 o'clock and me and Stew-Stew are debating a nap before bed time.

Good night

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