Sunday, September 18, 2011

End of the season

The horse show season ended last Saturday for Girl and I. 

Girl and Strawberry Shortcake placed in every class they entered -- usually first or second in the games classes.

This is Keyhole.  You run your horse as fast as you can down the length of the arena between the pails.  At the end of the pails is a circle drawn out in sawdust.  You have to turn your horse within the sawdust circle then race back down the arena to stop the clock.  The circle isn't all that big, especially for a large horse, so the horse needs to pivot on his hind legs to make it around.  It's a fast game -- usually under 15 seconds, I would say.  Girl and 'Berry like it 'cause 'Berry's a bit smaller than most so she has some extra room to make the pivot.

While games are my favourite, I haven't done them for years.  I think I'm too old to start again now. 

Darryl and I did well in our Walk/Jog Pleasure Class.

But I have to say I was most proud of the last Showmanship class we did.  I don't really like Showmanship, and I suspect if you asked Darryl he would say the same.  The horse is on a halter and you walk beside the horse and complete different patterns.  Each show has a different set of patterns that you have to memorize.  I am not good at that.  I write it down, then walk it out on the grass many times and then still aren't always sure I know at which pylon to pivot or to jog etc. 
The pattern might say:  Set up at A (pylon); jog to B; do a 360 degree pivot; walk to C; back up 5 steps; do a 300 degree pivot; walk to judge; set up; jog into line. 
See lots to remember; never mind which side of the horse to be on when the judge walks by. 
I've got a ribbon every show -- but don't get excited, it's usually 6th out of 6 or 7 horses (so I was last, or nearly last.) 
My goals all year were a) not to trip and fall down  and b) not to be last. 

So guess what?  I didn't fall down (in the ring) once AND last show I got 3rd out of 6 horses!!

HUGE accomplishment. 

Darryl wasn't as excited as I was though.   I could tell. 

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