Sunday, September 11, 2011

new learning

There is a list of things I can say "I am" -- wife, mother, principal, maid, cook, chauffeur, maid, friend, blogger, tweeter and now tedster. is a site I've heard about a few times in the last few months.  I decided to check it out after hearing a great speaker at my last Principals' Meeting.  As I understand it began at Harvard.  Guest speakers, the great minds of our times, are video-taped as they speak to the audience.  These tapes are then streamed through  The speeches are all under 20 minutes in length, most at 10-15 min. that I've seen.  I watched a video last week on the importance of compassion.  Last night I watched two -- one from the creator of the "Awesome" book and blog (which I will post about another day) and one by Ric Elias entitled "3 things I learned while my plane was crashing." has now gone global, so the speakers are not limited to those who present at Harvard.  There are conferences world-wide presenting truly great ideas and inspirations from great minds.  It's so exciting to have the opportunity to hear Sir Ken Robinson or Steve Jobs speak for example, or a buddist monk from Tibbet, or a  neurophysicist.  There are over 900 speeches now, and that number is growing.  My plan is to watch at least one a week.  How amazing that such opportunities to learn from amazing people from around the world can come right into my office.

On another note:
Boy and I were talking about my blog this morning.  The conversation went like this:
Boy:  Your blog is my second favourite blog.
Me:  Second.  SECOND? What is the first?
Boy:  The one about firearms.
Me:  silent
Boy:  Maybe you'd have more followers if you incorporated some of that into yours.
Me:  still silent.  Boy leaves.

So here's the thing -- should I be more disturbed about being second place, by the fact that boy reads "firearms blogs," or by the fact that I'm wondering how to incorporate weaponry into mine so it goes up to Boy's first favourite????

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