Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I have a swanky cocktail gala to go to next weekend.  I know, people who use words like "swanky" have no business going to any sort of gala, swanky or not.  I got the tickets for free, and I am obligated to go as the school will be getting a grant for our playground at this gala.  The difficulty was, of course, what to wear.

I had a great plan.  I have a beautiful longish black skirt that I would wear, and a friend was going to loan me a lacy top, or a beaded sweater to wear with it.  Then I googled for pictures of last year's gala.  Guess what?  The ladies all wore gowns; satin, and beaded and bedazzled to the nines.  My sweater and skirt plan was not going to cut it.

So,  I had DH drive me to a dress shop where I figured they would have something that was a)fancy, b)affordable and c)would fit the after-Christmas me.  He parked out front and set the seat back for a nap.  Said, "take your time, I'll just rest here."

So the amazing part?  I found the dress, tried it on, paid for it and was back in the jeep in 8 minutes.  Aaamaazing (say it long, like Oprah does).  And I LOVE, love, love it.  I may only wear it to this one swanky event, but I feel beautiful just knowing it is in my closet.  It's black so I don't have to buy new shoes.   Perfect,  really.

This is it.  Simple.  Not blingy.  Classic, in a Jackie O. way.

Joseph Ribkoff dress style 12573

it was on SALE!



  1. awesome dress. what a find in 8 min. that is the amazing part.