Wednesday, January 11, 2012

holiday, what holiday?

I have been back to work from Christmas break for 3 days.  The glorious, rosy calmness of the holiday is so far behind me I can't get a glimpse of that sense of peace for nothin'.

I had a glorious, rosy sense of calmness because I did not open my briefcase once, nor open my school email during the entire 2 week holiday.  I also slept in past 8:30 or 9am every day.

Soooo, come Monday morning at 6:15 my rosy, calm body revolted at the sound of the alarm.  I have been trying ever sense to "catch up."  So now I am grumpy and the knots in my shoulders are reaching my ears.

The terrible thing about holidays is that they end.  It is Wednesday at 9:30pm and except for the hour and a half I took for supper and clean up, I have been working at the computer at the paperwork that has waited patiently for me since December 23rd.

Ba humbug!

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