Saturday, January 7, 2012

conversation with Boy

I've already posted today -- but somethings I have to write down immediately or my middle-aged brain will forget what I was going to say.

Conversation with Boy as we cleaned the supper dishes (the dish part is irrelevant, but I need to write down that he helped with that so I can remember in the future that such co operative clean ups have happened.)

Boy:  I gotta get me a barber.
Me:  mmhmm
Boy:  Are there any barbers around here?
Me:  I don't know.  What's wrong with the hair dresser?
Boy:  Ah.  Hairdressers don't shave your 'stach and beard.  A good old fashioned barber does that.
Me:  (stunned)  And this is a current problem for you??
Pause in conversation.
Boy:  Have you ever seen anyone club a baby seal?
Me:  No.  On TV maybe.
Boy:  Are you against clubbing baby seals?
Me:  YES!
Boy:  Even though that is someone's livelihood?
Me:  I'm not against making a living, I'm against the clubbing thing.
Boy:  So you are against bonking it on the head.
Me:  Yes.
Boy:  If you are against that, what are you FOR?
Me:  I'm for round bales and air conditioning.
Pause again.
Boy:  Where did that come from?
Me:  Where did this conversation come from?
Boy:  Good point.
End of conversation.

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