Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our neighbours have birds.  Not nice song birds, or pretty birds like parrots; theirs are foul (fowl) kinds of birds -- chickens, turkeys and a rooster.

The turkeys stink, but I don't hang out in their back yard to smell them.  I wasn't impressed when they came to my backyard to visit this spring, but Boy put the run on them and they haven't been back.

What I do object to is the rooster.

He is loud.

He can't tell time.  There is none of this early morning cock-a-doodle-doing.  This guy cock-a-doodles ALL day long.  I think he might be blind or something.

It drives me crazy.  I've debated complaining, but I don't know to whom -- do you call the township dog catcher about a rooster?  Can you even have fowl in town?  Is there a fowl department at the town office?

I almost solved the problem earlier this summer...

Cock-a-Doodles came to my house to visit.  He must have got directions from the Turkeys.  I found him wandering around the pool patio.

I sent Boy to chase him away.

Boy offered to shoot him.

And I paused.  for awhile.   before I said "I think shooting roosters in town is frowned upon."

This morning I regretted that decision.  Cocky little bugger.

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