Wednesday, October 13, 2010

conversation with Boy -- realities of life

So I was leaving Boy to babysit Girl.  To Girl I said "listen to your brother.  Do not give him a hard time."
To Boy I said "Be kind to your sister.  Not be bossy."

Thus opened the following insightful discussion:

Boy:  Why can't I boss her.  I'm in charge of her so I'm the boss."
Me:  You are not the boss.  I am the boss and I am telling you to be kind and patient.
Boy:  When can I be boss?
Me:  When you are all grown up and in your own house with your own kids you can be boss.
Boy:  No fair.  I'll never be boss.
Me:  I just told you, someday you will be in charge.
Boy:  No I won't.  My wife will.  The woman is always the boss.



  1. Way too funny.........and true!!!

  2. such a smart boy, to have learned that lesson at such a young age. He will be a fine husband someday......