Friday, October 8, 2010

the photo I missed

I missed the best shot this week.
I wanted to tell my son, the Elmer-Fudd-wanna-be-hunter that I shot a deer.

I was driving to work on a back road when a deer popped out of the ditch and stopped on the road.  I slowed right down, then had to stop on account of Jeep-Jeep not scaring it away.  The deer very slowly meandered off to the edge of a cornfield.

Then I  remembered my camera on the passenger seat.  I jumped out of Jeep, and deer stood and looked at me.  When I set up the shot, the sound of the shutter spooked it and I totally missed the shot.

Then I was ticked at myself that I'd wasted my moment communing with nature...

So I shot at a deer and missed.

Boy says there is no evidence to prove I was that close to the deer.

Elmer Fudd.

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