Saturday, October 2, 2010


Boy started back to hockey this morning.  I'm an "Arena Mom" again....

Sniff, sniff.
I was going through Boy's old equipment from his first forays to the arena for Mite hockey.  He was four.
This is what I found:
Old skates. 

For perspective.  These are his current skates.  They fit me.

Rocky is not in the photo for perspective.  Rocky is in the photo, 'cause I couldn't get him out of the way.  It seems, he loves freshly-stunk-up hockey equipment. 

Mite-size chest protector.

Four-year old's chest protector.   Twelve-year old's chest protector.
4 month old kitten.

I actually got weepy when I found these teeny-tiny reminders of his first days on the ice.  It's hard to believe I put him on the ice so small.  Sigh.  My baby's growing up.

(Boy is looking over my shoulder.  He says "and now I get to hit people.")
Sigh.  Now I can't believe I put him on the ice at all.

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