Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The kids carved huge pumpkins tonight.

Myself, I would have chosen wee, small pumpkins 'cause I hate the pumpkin guts. 
Big pumpkins = lots of guts = big mess.
But I left the pumpkin and candy shopping to DH and Girl.  Hence, the huge (read messy) pumpkins.

(No, I don't know why Boy is wearing his pook toque in the house.  That child has his own sense of style....)

Girl loves carving pumpkins.  She's not squeemish at all.

Rocky was pretty curious about the whole process.

Turns out Rocky likes pumpkin....

and pumpkin seeds.

So Girl and Boy had company at their pumpkin gutting party

1 comment:

  1. Boy definitely has a thing for hats. My girl was wearing a hockey helmet this morning on the couch while she watched TSN!?!?! She also likes pumpkin guts, but then so do I, 'cause with pumpkin guts come lots of seeds to roast!
    Happy Hallowe'en to Boy, Girl and Rocky!