Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When I got home from my School Council tonight I smelled THAT smell.  Pretty strong.  Like, right close by strong....

When I got in the house Girl greeted me with the story.

When DH and the kids were driving home from the arena the headlights caught a skunk on the sidewalk by my back door.  Yep, right by the back door.  According to Girl, Boy thought it was a cat.  So did she.  But DH "sped right up.  Floored it, mom.  Floored it in the driveway to try to run over the skunk."

The skunk was too wily.  He wandered over to our pool area.  DH had the kids stay in the truck and keep an eye on it.  He got the gun and tracked it to behind the pool house.  Then "bang, he got it, mom.  One shot.  Got it.  But he took a couple of more shots to make sure it was really dead." 

Apparently it did not smell at the time of death, but an hour later it surely does.

So this week:
I shot a deer (with the camera) and missed.
Then I shot a squirrel three times (with the camera).  Lovely shots.
Then DH shot a skunk. Great shot.  Stinky remains.

Stinky remains.

So I wonder who buries Pepi tomorrow?


  1. My guess would be the guy with the good aim....

  2. Both wrong. When Boy got home from school he could not stand the smell any longer so he buried it. I think also, he was curious in a gruesome sort of way. Whatever the reason -- it was not me out in the rain putting a skunk to rest.