Monday, August 29, 2011

a comparison

Stewy is still here.... for now.  Still working on DH to open his heart, mind and home....
This is a comparison of the two felines who tolerate the humans at Shady Lane.

  • Stewy catches mice, birds and possibly bats.
  • Rocky catches flies, tinfoil balls and his tail.
  • Rocky is hefty, with soft thick hair and gorgeous green eyes.  He is very handsome and he knows it.
  • Stewy is skinny with thin, wiry hair and gorgeous ginger-orange eyes.  He doesn't know he has potential, but he doesn't care anyway.
  • Rocky purrs loudly all the time.
  • Stewy purrs quietly, only when he is really content.
  • Rocky says "mer" when he wants something -- usually food.
  • Stewy says "meow" when he wants something -- usually to sit on your lap.
  • Rocky chases his tail, but unless he catches it he doesn't realize he has one.
  • Stewy's tail is like a flag.  It goes straight up when he's happy, especially when he is being petted.
  • Rocky prefers to be near us, flopped out full on the floor.
  • Stewy prefers to be on us, flopped across our laps.
Currently I am in the office and both felines are in the kitchen.  I hear both a mer and a meow -- so one is lonely and one is hungry....

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