Sunday, August 14, 2011

i'm afraid

I'm afraid of a few of things:

1.  This morning I looked out my second storey window and saw Stewy with 2 black cats about the same size as he is.  I'm afraid they are Stewy's siblings and he is bringing them to my house.  I'm afraid I will be compelled to look after Stewy's whole family.  In doing so I'm afraid I will become the town's crazy cat lady.

I can't do it Stewy, I can't do it. 
I didn't sign on for this is.
I can't be the crazy lady....

2.  I'm afraid that there are bats in my house.  Yesterday DH had a late night encounter with one.  He was in the living room and it flew down the steps and went under our hall table.  The last time we had a bat was when Boy was just a baby.  Reebok, our former kitty-extraordinaire, jumped up and pulled it out of the air.  Then she stood on its wings until DH could dispose of it.  This time Rocky sat on the steps washing his paws and watching DH bash it with, of all things, the Doctor's Book of Home Remedies.

3.  I'm afraid we have bats AND I'm afraid our Rocky is a bit useless.

4.  I'm afraid the brainy-extraordinaire cat is the one outside rounding up his homies....

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Tell DH a tennis racquest is the best bat killing weapon. J & M didn't realize it was a piece of sports equipment until they were quite a bit older. They thought it was the "bat killing thing" as they had seen their mom wield it many times in the old house!
    Good luck with Stewy and his homies!