Saturday, August 6, 2011

the view from up here

I have a small second floor balcony from which I can reach my second floor clothes line.  The balcony looks over the back yard.  Yesterday I had this view of my yard. 

Just think -- only a few years ago the only equipment the Boy could use was the digger and trucks in the sandbox. :(

That is Boy in our compact tractor.  (It's not that I am taking the photo from so high up, it's just that the tractor is tiny, as tractors go.)  I call it the Barbie tractor, but my boys don't find that funny. 

I have a rock garden off the back of the shop.  Recently ants and weeds decided to take up residence and I could get rid of neither.  I gave Boy permission to see what he could do with the mess.  So he dug up all the rocks by hand and put them in the trailer behind the 4-wheeler.  Then he took several buckets of ant hill and dirt away with the loader.  Then he replaced the top soil and the rocks.  It took him much of the morning and he happily worked away humming the Smurf song "la-la-lalala-la" because I had indirectly given him permission to use the 4-wheeler/gator/tractor and loader as he needed. 

It was a good day for all.

Except the ants.

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