Thursday, August 11, 2011

a list

1.  Boy was ill this week -- stomach flu.  Today he says he feels like normal, and I know that's true because he is bugging his sister.

2.  Girl convinced DH to get her a fish.  We now have a pink (of course) Beta Fish named Bubbles who lives on my kitchen counter and stares at me when I work at the sink.

3.  I got a new camera lens yesterday.  Girl (we assume) dropped my good camera and my favourite lens 18-55 mm was damaged, so I went to my favourite camera shop yesterday and picked up an 18-200mm lens.  It was on sale.  The range is so much bigger than the last one, that I think this might be my new favourite.

4.  I will take a picture of Bubbles with my  new lens once he has eaten the fish food Girl gave him this morning.  The water is a little grody looking at the moment.

5.  I lost half a pound in 6 days on my Great Granny Eating  plan.  It really wasn't as hard as I thought except that I can't find a decent replacement for ketchup or for Campbell's mushroom soup.
Here's what I didn't eat that I had to think about:
-6 Swedish berries (I had 3...even though I shouldn't have had any)
-Fruit flavoured yogurt (I bought PC plain -- it only has milk and bacterial culture, no sugar etc)  I mixed it with my homemade fruit salsa.  I'll put the salsa recipe on the recipe page.
-chips -- I had plain popcorn instead
-casseroles -- because most of my recipes involved a soup mix or a ready-made sauce of some kind.  I will have to tweek some recipes to see what I can do about that.
-pop (of course)
-juice (of any kind -- cause I am not going to squeeze my own!)

What I did eat was lots of fruits and veggies; Mary's organic seed crackers cause they only contain seeds; nuts; seeds; butter; olive oil (again probably not popular in Northern Ireland 100 years ago, but certainly somebody's great granny had it...); roast beef, chicken, pork loin; plain yogurt.

6.  It rained this week, and I so, so badly wanted rain for my flowerbeds, but I am much happier that it is sunny today.

7.  This morning I cracked open my school books -- back to work (from home) for me this week!

8.  I am feeling panicky that my summer is nearly over.  I know there are a few weeks left, but time is suddenly ticking away quickly and I don't have everything on my list done yet!

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