Monday, September 27, 2010

learning somethin'

On Friday I was called urgently to the Grade 2 room by one of the special needs students. 
"Camera, Camera" he was calling.
I rushed with my camera to find out what the action was all about.
The "action" was this.

The caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly was opening it's new wings.

Several weeks ago, the caterpillar escaped it's jar-house.  The class looked all day for it -- under desks, bookshelves and in the book bins.  By the end of the day one of the girls had found that it was no longer the caterpillar, but a cocoon had formed on the Science bulletin board. 

They've been watching it every day since.

So here's the cool thing. 

On Friday morning, the class noticed some changes in the cocoon, so they watched it a little more regularly.  Then they watched the butterfly emerge, plump it's wings and finally spread them.  It took a good part of the day.

So the 20 Grade 2s stood this still, oooo-ing and ah-ing and exclaiming at every movement, every change.

It was an amazing thing to watch -- both the butterfly and the kids.

I love that this teacher "let the day go" so her students could be part of such an event.

I think more learning happened here, than any book, video, podcast or DVD could supply.

And I was reminded of the power of wonder.


  1. Kudos to the teacher! And to KB, for having the camera at the ready!

  2. Totally agree re the Teacher. I think the CBC has a great story here. In these days of smart boards, premiers talking about the value of smartphones in classrooms and eyes/ears connected to social medial, we are reminded of nature's power to teach - scientifically and socially. Cool teacher - young and with it or just really smart and connected ?

  3. really smart, really cool teacher.